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Transmutation app van Sandra Ingerman

July 3, 2014 
Hi everyone!

As you know it is more important than ever to be conscious of our thoughts throughout the day. The old collective dream is unraveling so quickly. And as I keep sharing with you it is crucial that we remain diligent and weave a spiritual and conscious way of life into our minute to minute life.

In many columns of the Transmutation News I have encouraged you to surround yourself with reminders that can help you to stop any reactive or defeatist thinking and rephrase your thoughts and words to lead you to a positive outcome.

I have never asked you to deny what you are feeling. Rather it is important to stop looping habitual thoughts that are defeatist in nature. For what we feed grows.

Recently I shared with you that I was working with Brent Mashburn to design an app that can help transmute/transform your thoughts.

The app is titled "Transmutation" and it is now available for sale on iTunes App Store. Right now the app is designed for the iPhone and iPad. But in the future I hope to make this app available for android phones.

You can set an alert of a sound I recorded: fairy bells, or Tibetan bowl, or wind chimes. I personally like all the alert sounds. There are different time periods you can set the alert for. When you hear the alert a message appears on the screen: "What are you thinking about right now?

You then click on the Library and pick a word, phrase, blessing, or photo I programmed in to uplift and inspire you to shift your thinking. I programmed in about 60 different words, 60 phrases, and about 50 blessings. There are about 40 photos. When you click on a category something I have programmed in will appear randomly. You can also add in your own words, phrases, blessings, or photos.

I am not technologically savvy. All technology confuses me. So I designed this app for people like myself who need the simplest way to work.

I realize that many of you do not have a device where you can buy this app from iTunes. But for those of you who are interested I hope you will check it out. The app costs $1.99.

If you do not use the link just search for Transmutation in the app store. When the choices appear look for the icon with the purple photo.

I have been working with the app myself for months now. It has been interesting to watch my response when I hear the bells chime during a time when I am stressed out. But it does help to bring me back to a place of center and do my spiritual work in behalf of my own health and well being, all of life, and the earth.

May this email be a reminder for all of us working together in our global community to stop and reflect on what you are thinking about throughout the day. Find some beautiful and fun ways to stay engaged with your spiritual practices. It is our destiny to dream a new world into being. And to do this we must keep up our spiritual work.

Sending you much love and many blessings! Sandra       

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